Norman Roscoe Candle (8oz Soy Hand Poured Locally Sourced)
Norman Roscoe Candle (8oz Soy Hand Poured Locally Sourced)

Norman Roscoe Candle (8oz Soy Hand Poured Locally Sourced)

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Norman Roscoe #1 - Black Cypress & Cassis - fresh green notes combined with nuances of cypress and floral notes on a bed of sweet cotton candy, ambergis and dried tobacco

Norman Roscoe #2 - Aspen Woods - fresh, earthy top notes of patchouli followed by soft floral notes of jasmine, with long lasting woody notes of amber


Norman Roscoe #3 - Lemon Lavender & Vanilla - a beautiful balance of lemon french lavender blended with cotton flower on a base of tonka bean, vanilla and musk 


How to take care of your candles

1. Ensure your candle burns evenly. When you light your candle make sure the entire surface of the candle melts before you put it out. If you don’t do this your candle could form a rim of solid wax that ends up not melting, or what we know in the candle world as tunneling.
2. Keep the candle clean/covered. Debris that has fallen into your candle can be ignited and produce multiple flames in the candle causing the candle to over heat creating a flashover, which is extremely dangerous and can cause a house fire. To avoid this please use a dry towel to clean debris in your candle and remove wick trimmings.
3. Trim the candles wick. To achieve a clean even burn make sure your candles wick is a quarter of an inch long. If your wick is too long this is a fire hazard, too short and hour wick can get lost in the wax and fail to light. Please be as precise as possible.
4. Store candles in a cool dark place. Your candles can expire, they can loose their fragrance and become discolored over time. When ever possible try to light your candles within 12 to 16 months of buying them.